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Rainmate® All Vehicles Have Wipers, Except Riders. Cats Have 9 Lives, Riders Have One. Enough Said.

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Product Description

Being inside Rainpal® Rainmate® is not sold separately.

Our optional internal liquid sprayer you can use water or visor cleaning fluid of your choice to cut through road spray, salt spray etc with our wiper after the rain has stopped. The clearest vision ever that's a fact all controlled via Bluetooth. 

We needed a tiny self-priming pump which took a long time to find. We eventually found one at less than 18mm long by less than 15mm wide

Each spray ejects on a time delay above the parked wiper which then starts. 2, or 3 mls provides a large area of clear vision on a visor. An internal reservoir of 15 mls within either the Interceptor, or Evolution models. 

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