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Rainpal® Predator - Freedom to ride. Fits your helmet, Bluetooth mini electric wiper + electric Internal water sprayer

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Product Description

"You have to hand it to Adam Aarons, the guy behind Rainpal, a visor-wiping and cleaning attachment that fits directly onto practically any full-face or flip-lid visor, when he invents a product he thinks of everything" - Biker&Bike  

Rainpal® Predator has evolved with improved specification and is now at an advanced design stage undergoing testing.

Rainpal® Predator will fit your Full Face Helmet. 4 years of design work has gone into Rainpal® Predator a mini attractive electric wiper for your motorcycle helmet and the latest designs are a large improvement on the images currently on this site.

Keep both hands on your steering in the rain, fully controlled from your steering grip via your thumb and Bluetooth. That can save your life, rather than having your left hand wiping your visor.

Rainpal® has two models, all have full controls on the unit and Bluetooth controls which fit on to your steering column, or grip. You will not notice the controller if you wear gloves. The controls are lower and to the right of the grip and can be swiveled to sit above the grip for sports bikes to prevent possible impact to the fuel tank, when parked on full lock.

Rainpal® Predator has a water, or visor cleaning fluid electric sprayer and Rainpal mate® has a built in video and sound recorder. You are currently viewing Rainpal® Predator       

All models clip on/off in 1 second. All feature single wipe, single wash/wipe (Rainpal® Predator only) adjustable delay wipe. or continuous wipe.

Imagine road spray just hit your visor, one click of your thumb, via the supplied Bluetooth steering controller, produces a quick spray of water onto your visor and the wiper automatically wipes your visor clean. 

We found possibly the smallest pump in the world.

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