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Rainmate® Bluetooth Wiper + Bluetooth Internal Water Sprayer. The Best Visor Cleaner In The Rain, Or Shine.

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Product Description

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Road just sprayed onto your visor, one click of your thumb via the supplied Bluetooth steering controller produces a sequence of a quick spray of water onto your visor and the wiper automatically wipes your visor. 

All models clip on and can be detached in 1 second.

Rainmate® is our flagship model with a wiper and a water sprayer, for the clearest vision ever for riders from rain, mist, reducing interior fog, exterior fog, road spray etc

All models are Bluetooth controlled via the supplied steering transmitter easy to use with your thumb without taking your hands off your steering.

The clearest vision ever !  

We needed a tiny self-priming pump, which took a long time to find. 

Our wiping area is 25cms horizontally and 7cms vertically. 

Riding without having to take your hand off the steering, like never before.

Single wipe, adjustable timed delay wipe, adjustable speed wipe all controlled with your finger, or thumb via the supplied Bluetooth control on your steering.

Rainpal® was picked up globally and advertised in all major languages some of which can be found here

We will be placing downloadable templates on this site so you can print and check fitment of Rainpal to your visor. See our Questions And Answers Page for a larger measuring guide of the chart below. To see more details check our Key Features 

Each one touch 2ml spray ejects above the parked wiper, then the wiper starts. 2ml of liquid provides a large area of cleaned visor. 

More details on our Key Features and Questions And Answers pages


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