Rainpal Is A Scam By Rainpal - Too Much Fake News These Days

Even President Trump has to live with fake news, we have to live with Craig Fitzgerald a bankrupt from Liverpool UK who has set up several sites spreading fake news that Rainpal Is A Scam. He never uses his real name, clearly what he says is libellous. His bankrupcy is listed here  He has not made a Pre-Order, or owed any money by Rainpal, he has become obsessed with hate for a product he has no association with at all, in business or personally. A few years ago this type of person was a loner, now they troll the internet in an attempt to gain attention, perhaps he does not like to see people trying to be successful. The name of his bankrupt company sums up the mentality of this person, a failure in life. Rainpal's road of progress is detailed in Our Blog section. Rainpal's drive is now just 6mm deep by 16mm. Why does Mr Fitzgerald always post his hate using a nickname? Enough said.
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