Rainpal® Fits Most Helmets - Cleans Like No Other Rain Or Shine (+ Jetwash)

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This site is based on English. We offer translations for the convenience of our global market as Rainpal® will soon be shipping globally. 
Meet the future once upon a time cars did not have wipers, crumple zones, or seat belts or airbags. You get our point safety evolved on cars we want to provide riders with greater safety in the form of improved vision. A rider's life is as precious as a driver's life.
See our Home Page for a larger measuring image.

Every vehicle on the road has mandatory wipers except the most dangerous one - motorcycles. Our aim is to change that as motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to be killed than car drivers. Rainpal® the road has never been clearer.

Current images on this site are early concepts, our final model will be far more attractive and look like it belongs on your helmet.

You Never Have To Clean Your Visor Again even in the dry. How?

The only difference between Rainpal® and Rainpal® Evolution our Evo has a video camera similar to a mobile phone camera which records your ride and is for ideal for evidence in an accident for the Police and/or Insurance company.

Rainpal® provides you with an electric wiper and a liquid jet spray to bring your vision up to the same safety as car drivers. Controlled via wireless with your thumb with Rainpal®'s existing control cube which sits above your existing cube on your steering. Variable wiper speed, variable delay for all rain, drizzle, mist even dry conditions. Our 20ml jet spray squirts 5ml at a time great for after rain road spray and also with the appropriate visor cleaning solution good for bugs and general dust.

Rainpal® measures 1.6cn by 1.9cm the optional 20ml jet wash sits on top of the main unit. 

Using your existing visors Rainpal® fits Full, and Open Face visors which measure 23 cms to 26 cms in a direct line from anchor point to anchor point. Rainpal® flexes and adapts to the size and curve of your visors for more details see our measurement chart on our Home Page.

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Swappable batteries and connection to your motorcycle's 12V supply via a cable that has a bleeper at the Rainpal® end that sounds when the ignition is turned off plus a magnetic snap wire as we don't want you pulling over your motorcycle if you forget about the connection at the end of a long journey.

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