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For anyone that rides in the rain the vision ranges from compromised to dangerous. In addition to the safety aspect, poor vision makes riding more stressful on our eyes leading to headaches and a less enjoyable ride.

Our CEO Adam Aarons was so frustrated whilst riding in the rain, especially as he had been drivings cars for many years before he started riding and so the compromised vision was more obvious he felt riders deserved the same clear vision as drivers and decided to do something about it.

Adam appreciates riders want to keep their existing helmets so he designed Rainpal to fit virtually all Full Face helmets. 

Templates will be available for downloads to insure fitment before purchasing.

Rainpal is secured by two transparent anchor pins on the side of your visor making attachment and detachment easy in 1 second.

Rainpal® has been welcomed by 10,000,000's views by riders in our Published Globally Tab with over 1.500,000 views in 3 posts on Facebook 733,000, 264,000140,000  and 120,000 views Rainpal®'s YouTube.

A special thanks to the folks at Discovery Channel

We thank the many customers that have pre-ordered for their continued patience for probably the largest advancement ever in rider's vision in the rain!

Riding A Motorcycle In The Rain





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