Why Create Rainpal?

Our CEO Adam Aarons was so fed up with dangerously bad vision whilst riding he decided to do something about it.

Working directly with many global heads of banking for example Group Chief Executive officer of UBS Sergio Ermotti

We appreciate riders want to keep their existing helmets so we designed Rainpal to fit virtually all Full Face helmets. 

All other vehicles on the road, even tractors have wipers. This is 2018 riders should enjoy the same clear vision as car drivers.

Rainpal will provide riders with the best vision riders have ever had. Fact!

Ride your motorcycle in the rain you wipe your visor with your hand; what happens if a car pulls out. The difference in the distance travelled can be immense, compared to if you already saw the car earlier and already had both hands on your steering by having a Rainpal.

Cats have 9 lives motorcycle riders have 1. Enough said.

Much less stressful and safer ride with no loss of upper vision as Rainpal's centre drive system sits above the visor attaching only to the sides of the visor with a 1 second on/off system.

When the unit is off the transparent anchor points have transparent covers so are hardly noticeable.

Rainpal intends to approach insurance companies to provide riders who purchase a Rainpal a discount therefore making Rainpal free in the long term from yearly savings

Rainpal® has been welcomed by 10,000,000's views by riders in our Published Globally Tab with over 1.500,000 views in 3 posts on Facebook 733,000, 264,000140,000  and 120,000 views Rainpal®'s YouTube.

A special thanks to the folks at Discovery Channel

We thank the many customers that have pre-ordered for their continued patience for probably the largest advancement ever in rider's vision in the rain!

Riding A Motorcycle In The Rain





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