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Drizzle, dirty spray from trucks, salt spray, dirty grey spray, rain in general especially at low speeds in cities will be wiped away leaving a clearer view than ever.

You can now keep your hands where they belong on the steering with our Bluetooth control.

Rainpal has an optional water spray and optional video recording.

Do you ever ride in large cities, or congested country lanes in the rush hour where reduced speed causes the lack of wind to aid blowing away the rain from your visor.

Do you ride in drizzle which we have a great deal of here in the UK, or do you ever have a truck spray dirty grey water on to your visor on a motorway and dirty spray in general on A roads and motorways?

Rainpal takes care of all these for you with an adjustable delay wipe, for example you can set Rainpal to wipe your visor every 5 seconds, variable wipe speed and a one touch all from the convenience of the Bluetooth control on your steering.

Rainpal is sleek but rugged.

Rainpal provides more safety than any other visor accessory, crystal clear vision in the rain and ships globally.

Rainpal The Road Ahead Is Clear


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