Probably The Best Visor Cleaner In World - Rainpal® Cleanest motorcycle helmet visor ever. A Sleek Electric Wiper For Your Full, Flip Or Open Face Visor possibly the best anti fog for motorcycle visor

Cleanest motorcycle helmet visor ever. Anti-fog anti fog Interior fogging is caused by the temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the visor so if you reduce this difference you reduce fogging. By removing the rain from your visor this rain is colder than air at ground level as it has fallen from high in the sky where it is much colder so the outside of the visor temperature is not so cold and therefore the temperate difference is reduced and additionally there is less wind chill = less interior fogging. We tried this on our cars with the heater off and the windscreen air vents closed and the wiped areas of the windscreen took much longer to fog on the inside where as the outer area that had rain sitting fogged up much faster.possibly the best anti fog for your motorcycle visor.

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