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Rainpal® The world's first electric visor wiper, first electric water sprayer, first wiped helmet video recorder, your Clearest Vision Ever. Bluetooth wiper + Video (inc night) & sound recording

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Product Description

"You have to hand it to Adam Aarons, the guy behind Rainpal, a visor-wiping and cleaning attachment that fits directly onto practically any full-face or flip-lid visor, when he invents a product he thinks of everything" - Biker&Bike  

Rainmate® will fit your Full Face Helmet, 4 years of design work has gone into Rainmate®

Keep both hands on your steering in the rain, fully controlled from your steering grip via your thumb and Bluetooth. That can save your life, rather than having your left hand wiping your visor.

Imagine actually being able to see clearly in the rain, fog, mist, through road spray etc                                                                                                                                                 
Stop being second class in terms of vision and give yourself the same chances of car drivers. Rainpal® is a life saver. It could be your life!

Rainpal® has two models, all have full controls on the unit and Bluetooth controls on your motorcycle's steering. The range is Rainpal®, which also has a water, or visor cleaning fluid electric sprayer and Rainmate® which has a built in video and sound recorder.                                                                                                                                                                                     

All models clip on/off in 1 second and are supplied with a Bluetooth controlled steering transmitter which attaches to your steering grip and is easily controlled whilst wearing gloves. Functions are: single wipe, single wash/wipe (Rainmate® only) adjustable delay wipe, or continuous wipe.

Rainpal provides the clearest vision ever for riders removing rain, mist, reducing interior fog, exterior fog, road spray etc

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