The Evolution Of Rainpal®

Adam Aarons

My girlfriend and I were riding when we were caught in a heavy rainstorm and I stopped the bike and she asked what I was doing and I explained I could not see where I was going and wanted to wait until the rain had slowed down. She said she wanted to get home so wanting to avoid her bad mood for the rest of the day we got back onto the bike only for me to find her kind offer of placing her hand like a cap over the top of my visor. I knew this would not work as soon as we picked up speed. I rode thinking with all the technology in modern life there must be a better way for seeing clearly in the rain as literally millions of other riders are doing around the world every day perhaps not with their girlfriend's hand as a visor but as you read this it is raining some where and riders are in it. That was over a year ago in which time we have listened to feedback from over 1,500,000 views on Facebook and have a vastly improved design.

Our range has 2 models for you identical except for CCTV.



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