Rainpal®'s Working Prototype

Adam Aarons

Rainpal®'s schedule:

Rainpal® has now passed through the tough path to prototyping.

The long delay from March 2016 was caused by our original designer being technically unable to complete a prototype which meant we had to be especially careful in selecting the second company. After thorough screening of many design companies our selection process was a success and our prototype is working well.

Rainpal® models that ship to customers will have a wider sweep than the current prototype.  

We are working to make an even thinner wiper than the current 5mm which will be finished with a matt black shaft.

Now we want to go into mass production.

Our original target of £90,000 remains unchanged and we will absorb the extra costs due to the delay. We raised £15,000 crowdfunding and being moral and honest we stopped taking orders in March when the original designer failed to complete the prototype.

The prototype been completed the immense technical challenges of getting a unit to wipe around a curve in a small body of 16mm by 19mm is over.

Rainpal® has had major improvements to it, namely an outside securing mechanism, an optional water spray, video recording and swappable batteries so we hope this outweigh the delay.

Rainpal a glass half full (not empty) venture.

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