Transparent Wiper And Shaft.

Adam Aarons

Here at Rainpal we are currently researching a transparent wiper and shaft. This would be the world's first.

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  • Antonio Buergo ( Mexico ) on

    Vivo en Mexico en zona tropical de mucha lluvia y este invento va solucionar un gran problema de segurida por que ya podre ver mejor durante las lluvias.

  • Larry Z. on

    I’m interested in this product. Do you have any idea of the completion date?

  • Geoff on

    Hi Rainpal,
    Until the transparent shaft is finished and good to go, will we be able to order Rainpal with a black shaft?
    I really want the clear vision that Rainpal offers and the transparent shaft will be a nice finishing touch but whilst it’s still being developed, I’m still wanting that clear vision.
    Thanks for all your hard work on this invention.

  • Geoff on

    You continue to make rainpal better, I can not wait until it is finished. Thank you to all the rainpal developers.

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