Rainpal® Signs An Agreement With An Awesome Design Company

Adam Aarons

7th June 2017 Rainpal might appear a relatively simple product to manufacture however in reality needs complex Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial design and assembly skills to successfully provide the clearest vision in the rain on a variety of existing visors. We have always wanted this to be completed by a single company but many can only complete one or two of the required skills which can lead to increased risk of misunderstandings upon completion of the project, 1mm in a component makes a massive difference. For over a year we have been visiting design companies and after careful screening and due diligence in the UK, North America, Europe, Israel and China we have carefully selected an outstanding company with a long track record over many yearsof completing hundreds of complicated projects like Rainpal® who have internal staff experts in all four skills needed to complete Rainpal®


Please be patient our view is that quality is more important than time to market. Orders already placed will ship first.

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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