Looking Like Part Of Your Helmet.

Adam Aarons

Our clever design company have managed to shrink the wiper drive to 6mm (not cms) deep by 16mm in height that's about 25% of the volume in the images on this site. This looks so cool like an extension of your visor.

Our wiper will wipe around 25cms across your visor by 7cms in height. The length of the wiper shaft is adjustable for optimal alignment to your preference.

When Rainpal® is removed from your visor all that remains at the sides out of your view are transparent attachment points. These can be covered with a transparent cap.

Riding in the rain has never been clearer.

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  • Alf on

    Can we see any photos of it yet? It’s been a long time coming but this winter might be the winter where I don’t have to worry about wiping my visor with my gloves.
    Many lives are going to be saved by this invention, I will be so happy when I can buy Rainpal.
    May God bless you and all the Rainpal Riders.

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