Dispersion Of Any Heat Dissipation From The Motor And Electronics For The Tropics

Adam Aarons

In temperate climates like Europe, Northern USA any heat generated from Rainpal® will quickly and effectively dissipate via rain and air movement across the unit whilst riding. However here at Rainpal® we cater for global customers including those in the tropics. Our design company is one of the world's largest and have worked on projects involving heat dissipation under the most intense heat scenario, utilising heat sinks, materials etc For example should a Rainpal® be left on a helmet in a driveway in the sun on a very hot motorcycle seat in the intense tropical climate, of for example, Singapore, or Far North Queensland, just before heavy rain starts but the rider needs to get to work there will be efficient heat dissipation to ensure a reliable Rainpal®

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  • Dave Draper on

    you could have a vent that can be directed down the inside of the visor so heat from the electronics can help demist the visor in cold weather

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