50 Rainpal® websites.

Adam Aarons

Over the next few days we will be creating around 50 Rainpal® websites in all major languages Francais, Deutsche, Italiano, Espanol, Pусский, 日本の, 中國 plus many more which will automatically load and display for our customer's satisfaction in their local language and currency. Due to Rainpal®'s awesome expansion not surprising as it rains in most places, then after the rain finishes the grey road spray is thrown up to your visor. Now this can be washed and wiped away in conjunction with our Rainpal® jet wash. We tracked our global web traffic and a large percentage are international visitors and we want to help these valued customers. Soon, for example, if you are in Tokyo Rainpal® will display in Japanese and prices will be in Yen, Paris in French and Euros etc

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