Click On/Click Off In 1 Second To Your Existing Helmet. An Electric Wiper. Launching Late 2019. Rainpal®

Don't waste time cleaning your visor the old fashioned way like here
We designed measurement templates to compare visor curvatures and took care of varying curvatures in Rainpal's unique and excellent design.                                                                                                                                                         Launching late 2019 place your order now to be in the queue!                                                                                                           





We know Rainpal® will fit most Full Face Helmet and for added confidence we will be placing downloadable templates on this site enabling you to measure your visor for horizontal and vertical fitment.

Rainpal fits 6D, AGV, Alpinestars, Bell, Box, Caberg, Dexter, Duchinni, Hedon, Held, HJC, Icon, Kabuto, Klim, Lazer, LS2, Momo, MT, Nexo, Nolan, Roof, Schuberth, Scorpion, Shark, Shoei, Simpson, Spada, X-Lite and many, many more.

Click on and click off, too easy. 

Now riders can have the same clear vision as drivers.


There are 4 kinds of riders; those who regularly ride in the rain, those who have been caught in the rain, those who will be caught in the rain and the riders with the clearest vision with Rainpal®

Rainpal® now sits above the visor only attaching to the sides. This large early prototype below was taken no further.
This model needs some end section noise suppression and size reduction.
Our first early prototype creating too much friction 22mm by 19. Now Rainpal is just 10mm wide by 16mm in height.
Reduces interior fogging  1000's of Likes on Facebook
Registered Design No 5001705 Rainpal Registered Trademark No 3184517 Rainmate Registered Trademark No 3271764
Additional Patents applied for. Driver's Vision For Riders. To See The Links To The Publications Below Go To Our Page "Published Globally"

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