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Our final design is far cooler than currently on this site. Rainpal® The Road Ahead Is clear. A mini electric wiper for your existing helmet. Enter your email address below to be notified when we launch and a chance to win a free Predator

  • Rainpal® is now more attractive than images shown here.

    The world's first mini electric wash/wipe for motorcycle visors. Rainpal® provides clear vision previously you had to buy a car to have clarity like this

  • Rainpal® fits all Full Face Helmets. Tired of lifting your arm to wipe your visor?

    Lifting your visor, no problem using Rainpal® Pinlocks no problem. Supplied Bluetooth Control fits on to your steering grip

  • Forget about rain, road spray, salt spray, mist, fog? Rainpal® one click with your thumb on our supplied Bluetooth steering transmitter, all cleared. Too easy.

    Your kids want to see you at home again. Think safety!

  • Less interior fog, a scientific fact. See our Key Features for more details

    Far superior exterior and interior vision. Rainpal® produces constant, excellent vision in all climates

  • Instantly Attaches/Detaches via a discreet two part bracket.

    One part attached via VHB tape meaning Rainpal® is securely attached

  • Bye, bye 1920 wiper gloves

    2020 Rainpal® Soon to be available in all countries. A mini attractive electric wiper for your motorcycle helmet

This accident would almost certainly never have happened if the rider was using Rainpal® They were exceptionally lucky they did not slide into the path of oncoming trucks. To see the accident click here
Bike&Bike" You have to hand it to Adam Aarons, the guy behind Rainpal® a visor-wiping and cleaning attachment that fits directly onto practically any full-face or flip-lid visor, when he invents a product he thinks of everything" 

Dr Eardley (A Former member of the IOM TT AND MGP Medics) "Please add my name to your list of prospective purchasers. I will bring it to the attention of all bikers I know in my area, namely the BMW Club South/West, Plymouth Advanced Motorcyclists and British Legion Riders. I am a member of IAM and I am sure it would of interest to the bike section of that organisation"

An early CGI concept 

 Working on designing the electrical and mechanics proof of concept to be miniaturized 

A smaller and smoother drive, electronics to be made into a Chip

 Testing a magnetic concept 

Playing with a crude prototype 

We like quiet 

 Water sprayer nozzle 

On Discovery Channel 

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Driver's vision for riders! About time.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Reduces Interior Fogging  1000's of Likes on Facebook
Registered Design No 5001705 Rainpal Registered Trademark No 3184517 Rainmate® Registered Trademark No 3271764
Additional Patents applied for. Driver's Vision For Riders. To See The Links To The Publications Below Go To Our Page "Published Globally"

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