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Bike&Bike" You have to hand it to Adam Aarons, the guy behind Rainpal, a visor-wiping and cleaning attachment that fits directly onto practically any full-face or flip-lid visor, when he invents a product he thinks of everything" 

Dr Eardley (A Former member of the IOM TT AND MGP Medics) "Please add my name to your list of prospective purchasers. I will bring it to the attention of all bikers I know in my area, namely the BMW Club South/West, Plymouth Advanced Motorcyclists and British Legion Riders. I am a member of IAM and I am sure it would of interest to the bike section of that organisation"

No rider ever thinks it will happen to them
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When developing electronics, a breadboard circuit is made for testing functionality. This is shown in the first video. We than make a much smaller Printed Circuit Board. 
UPDATE - 17th July 2019
Our current wiping width is about DOUBLE this width and adjustable from wiping to the outside the viewing area, to narrower for pinlock mounts. Speed is also much faster than these videos and will only take about 1 second, or less per full width wipe. Motor noise is much, much lower, hardly audible at all, as the motor was especially designed for Rainpal. The new design does not slant downwards at the ends and the unit sits above the visor.  
Rainpal® no longer clips on to the visor as in the below video, now sitting just above the visor and attaches via clicking, on to the 4cms side pads. Attached using VHB tape to the side of the visor, out of the rider's view. 1 second Click on/off.
Reduces interior fogging  1000's of Likes on Facebook
Registered Design No 5001705 Rainpal Registered Trademark No 3184517 Rainmate Registered Trademark No 3271764
Additional Patents applied for. Driver's Vision For Riders. To See The Links To The Publications Below Go To Our Page "Published Globally"

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