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Rainpal® Probably The Best Visor Cleaner In The World

  • No need to take your hands off your steering, our supplied Bluetooth transmitter controls single wipe, single wash/wipe, variable delay wipe, continuous wipe via your thumb

    Adjustable width of the wiped visor area, even the sides of your visor are clear!

  • Fits all normal shaped Full Face helmets, except bubble visors. 0.5 second click on/off

    We are so confident in our design, should Rainpal not fit we will refund your money. A double side attachment system for safety. No ugly centre bracket

  • Our Bluetooth water/bug removal sprayer removes road, salt spray/bugs from your visor

    All with one click on your supplied steering transmitter, wash/wipe spray with our Rainmate®

  • Less interior fog. see our Key Features

    Far superior exterior and interior vision, Rainpal® produces constant excellent vision unlike visor wipers, or visor cleaners

  • Attach/detach via a small bracket each side out of the rider's view using VHB double sided tape which is as strong as rivets - www.3m.co.uk (Can be removed leaving no marks using WD40)

    Our horizontal wipe does not create confusion of where the horizontal is like with an arc wiper, less blind spot and no unwiped centre section where rain runs down your visor

  • No central attachment to the visor as this area is likely to leak due to distortion, leading to cold rain on your face, running down the inside of the visor and then interior misting

    Rainpal® attaches to the most secure area, over the side visor clamps, out of the rider's vision, with two 4cms pads being more attractive when detached than a central bracket

"You have to hand it to Adam Aarons, the guy behind Rainpal, a visor-wiping and cleaning attachment that fits directly onto practically any full-face or flip-lid visor, when he invents a product he thinks of everything" - BikerandBike.co.uk  

Who would take financial care of your kids if you are no longer around, or not able to work, all because of not having a low cost wiper solution. Imagine how much more relaxed and safer you will be on your ride, by being able to see clearly in the rain. 
Why are wipers mandatory on all road vehicles in every country, yes every country, except motorcycles. Now increased power from small batteries has made Rainpal® possible. Stop being second class in terms of vision and give yourself the same chances of car drivers. Rainpal® is a life saver. It could be your life!
Rainpal® no longer clips on to the visor (as in the 2nd video) now she sits above the visor and attaches via 4cms pads on the side of your visor out of the rider's view. 1 second Click on/off. Subscribe below to be notified when we start shipping.
 17th July 2019 Our current wiping width is about DOUBLE this width and adjustable from wiping to the outside the viewing area, to narrower for pinlock mounts. Speed is also much faster at 1 second or less per wipe. The new design does not slant downwards at the ends and the unit sits above the visor.  
Rainpal® no longer clips on to the visor (as in the 2nd video) Now sits above the visor and attaches via clicking on to 4cms pads each side which are attached using VHB tape to the side of the visor out of the rider's view. 1 second Click on/off.
Reduces interior fogging  1000's of Likes on Facebook
Registered Design No 5001705 Rainpal Registered Trademark No 3184517 Rainmate Registered Trademark No 3271764
Additional Patents applied for. Driver's Vision For Riders. To See The Links To The Publications Below Go To Our Page "Published Globally"

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